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Zonta Committees

Our Zonta club also features specific committees. As a member, you can choose which committee – or committees – you want to be part of. This way, we're both more effective as a force for social change, and members get to devote more time to what interests them. Use the tabs to discover more about each committee.

Standing Committees

  • Finance Committee

    This committee works to prepare budgets for the upcoming year, appoints an Audit Committee, and suggests fundraising projects.
  • Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee is responsible for all aspects of organization, membership and classification regarding new, existing, and emeritus members. This committee provides printed materials about Zonta at the International and Club levels to guests who are interested in the committee. Committee members also identify potential new members, maintain membership directories, and grant emeritus memberships.
  • Public Relations/Communications Committee

    This committee arranges with local media to cover Club events, and submits meeting news to The Courier and other local media. It also plans ways to keep the community aware of Zonta and its work, both locally and internationally. There are also subcommittees, including Newsletter and Electronic Media.
  • Service Committee

    This committee suggests and supervises Club service projects. They also coordinate the annual Women of Achievement Award. Subcommittees include Z Club, which serves as an advisor to the Z Club or Golden Z Club, attends those meetings and works with the clubs' school advisors, and acts as a liaison between their clubs, Findlay Zonta, and Zonta International.
  • Advocacy Committee

    This committee provides information concerning the United Nations and its agencies, and the activities of Zonta International in connection with the United Nations. It also shares legislative information related to Club goals and interests for Club member awareness and advocacy.

Special Committees

  • Archive Committee

    This committee is devoted to archiving all relevant photos, documents, minutes, and more to be included in permanent storage, housed at the Hancock County Historical Museum. This committee works closely with the entire club to ensure that all relevant material is properly archived.
  • Attendance Committee

    This committee records and promotes attendance at meetings; works with the Fellowship Committee, Program Committee, and Membership Committee on the Installation Banquet in May, the Induction banquet in December, and the summer special event. Subcommittees include Luncheon Reservation/Cancellation and Attendance Awards.
  • Fellowship Committee

    This committee promotes fellowship among members and among neighboring clubs. This includes sending cards/flowers to members and/or their families when appropriate; keeping members informed of illnesses and situations affecting other Club members. This committee also works with the Attendance Committee, Program Committee, and Membership Committee on the Installation Banquet in May, the Induction banquet in December, and the summer special event. Subcommittees include Gifts and Memorials.

    Fellowship committee planned a night out at Dueling Pianos at Alexandria's in November.

  • Program Committee

    This committee arranges for speakers at the monthly program meetings; coordinates the May Installation Banquet, the December Induction Banquet, and the summer special event in conjunction with other committees. This committee works closely with the Finance Committee when planning programs.
  • Scholarship and Awards Committee

    This committee informs local educational institutions about availability of scholarships, reviews scholarship applications, selects scholarship recipients, and coordinates any special contributor scholarship awards approved by the Club. There is a Scholarship and Awards Committee, separate from the Service Committee, for awarding the General Scholarship Fund and any Special Contributor Scholarship awards that are approved by the Club membership. The General Scholarship is awarded to one or more women from Findlay or Hancock County to be used for continuing their education.