About Us

A service organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women through service and advocacy.

Officers & Committees


President: Karen Flanagan
Vice President: Carol Metzger
Secretary: Christy Santistevan
Treasurer: Renee Perry


2019-2021: Ali Weising-Pike & Diane Ellerbe
2020-2022: Lyn Benavides & Roseanna Thornton
Past President: Melissa Smith

History of Zonta

In Buffalo, New York, USA in January 1919, five women attending as guests at a social meeting of Kiwanis, an established all-male service club, conceived the formation of a new service club.

This new club would be composed of women who were recognized leaders in their businesses and professions. The primary purposes of the club would be to standardize and disseminate business principles and practices and to provide service to humanity through cooperative efforts. During the spring and summer of 1919, clubs were organized in Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Elmira, and Syracuse, New York, USA. Under the leadership of its Charter President, Marian de Forest, a playwright and newspaper critic, the Buffalo club established specific guidelines for membership and classification.

The Confederation of Zonta Clubs was founded on November 8, 1919 in Buffalo. Mary E. Jenkins, newspaper publisher and civic leader, was elected the first president of the Confederation. Bylaws and a constitution were drafted and adopted, and all that was left was to choose a name.

Zonta takes its name from the Lakota Sioux Indian word meaning "honest and trustworthy." Zontians volunteer their time, talents and energy to local and international service projects that are designed to advance the status of women.

One of Zonta's favorite members, Amelia Earhart accepted an invitation to become a member of the Zonta Club of Boston in 1928, then later transferred her membership to the Zonta Club of New York. She remained active in Zonta until her disappearance in 1937.

A year after Amelia's disappearance, in 1938, Zonta International established the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards for women pursuing graduate degrees in aerospace-related sciences and engineering. More than US $4 million has been invested in this program to date, awarding 808 Fellowships to 522 women from 51 countries!

Membership Information

Individuals who join the Findlay Zonta Club, in turn, belong to Zonta International. Individual Zonta Clubs select, fund and participate in community service, education, and advocacy projects that promote women’s economic self-sufficiency, political equality, access to education, health, and the elimination of violence against women.

Zonta Clubs enjoy a long and proud tradition of cultural, linguistic and professional diversity. Zontians are architects, artists, doctors, educators, entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, pilots, government officials and more.

By joining forces with women, your voice, service and contributions can make a lasting and meaningful impact on women's lives. To ensure professional diversity within each Zonta Club, membership is by invitation only.

How much time does Zonta membership take?

Zonta clubs are service clubs and our club leads and participates in several local service projects and fund- raising activities. Zonta members are asked to attend two monthly club meetings, assigned committee meetings and to participate in club projects.

In addition, opportunities exist to attend a two-day biannual conference or seminar, and a week-long biannual international convention.

The monthly meetings for the Zonta Club of Findlay are generally 1 to 1 ½ hours long; committee meetings vary in length.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about the Zonta Club of Findlay, Ohio please contact us at zontafindlayoh@gmail.com. For more information, visit the Zonta International Website.